Second trip to New York: Harlem, Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown and Times Square


I opened my eyes. It was very dark and I was very awake. I looked at the time on my mobile as quietly as I could to not wake up Gemma.

-What time is it?
-It's four o'clock.
-What do you say!
-Well, to be exact it's three fifty.

After spending an hour spinning in bed, I went back to sleep for a while longer. Jet-lag poop! He should have slept on the plane and so he would have endured more the previous day.

And typical breakfast. As you can see from regime.

Finally, at half past eight we left and went to breakfast at diner that is near the house of Orestes and that is the typical one that appears in the movies. We ordered the traditional breakfast: eggs to taste (in my case scrambled), bacon and home fries (poor potatoes). The staff of diner He was very attentive and cheerful.

In the end we had to queue a lot and we were very cold.

It was Sunday, so we planned to spend the day in Harlem attending a gospel mass. Everyone, including the Lonely Planet, recommends the service of the Abyssinian Baptist Church, which on Sundays at 11 am opens its doors to tourists. Everyone told me that it was one of the best, but of course, also the busiest. Although the church is on 138th Street, tourists have to queue in the upper corner of 138 with Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. and once all parishioners have entered, they let visitors in to take up the available seats. The problem is that to ensure a seat at Sunday Mass it is necessary to go at least one hour before, but with the cold weather we did not want to arrive very soon, and in the end we arrived at 10.50 and the queue already turned the street .

Walking along Malcom X Boulevard in Harlem.

Finally we were queuing for an hour in the shade and at a temperature of -8 ºC. We endured stoically (with a hot “aguachirri” coffee in our hands), but unfortunately we were left out. Those responsible for the church went out to apologize because no one else could fit. That there were 500 people inside and that there was no one else and that they were very sorry. Many people left angry, but to those who stayed to listen to the whole explanation of the Lord, we were told that we were welcome to the Mass on Wednesday at 6.30 pm.

Great African Americans

How we stayed outside, we took the opportunity to walk around Harlem. Let everyone forget about the movies of the seventies and eighties, because New York is no longer what it was. Harlem is a neighborhood where the African-American population lives mostly. Despite the image of the films of yesteryear, we found a clean neighborhood with very well-groomed people who went to Mass or walked with the family. We walked through Malcolm X Blvd. until you reach the 125 street. We went up the street, which was full of clothing stores, until we reached the mythical Apollo Theater, theater in which during his amateur nights great music figures were discovered as: Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, James Brown, Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 among others. After traveling on 125th Street we walked back to Malcolm X Blvd. to eat somewhere else that many people had recommended (Lonely Planet included). The piece between 125th Street and 116th Malcolm X Blvd. It is very beautiful because it is the "historical" area of ​​Harlem.

The Amy Ruth's restaurant from the Jumbo Hamburger

He Amy Ruth's restaurant It is famous for its waffles with fried chicken (yes, seriously, fried chicken with sweet waffles), but of course, when we arrived at one o'clock, there was such a tail to eat that in the end we decided to enter a shabby hamburger and typical of these that I like them so much. The jumbo burger burgers were not bad, but they were not spectacular either. There sitting and recovering from the cold we planned our next step. Although it was very cold, being in the sun and walking you could stand, so we decided to take the subway to the other end of Manhattan to go across the Brooklyn bridge. We decided to cross it from Brooklyn to Manhattan since the views are more impressive. To do this you have to go to the High St. subway stop (line A and C, blue), so we walked the five blocks between the restaurant and the 116 St. subway stop on line A and C, to Not having to change trains.

And we are thinking: Where will the bridge be milks? And we had it on top!

One of the things that disorient me most in New York is that you don't know if you go up or down, if you go sea or face mountain, and with the confusion I was walking while looking at the plane to see if we were on the right track, when my boot ran into something. And in a surreal way (I fall, I do not fall, I recover and I give it to me) I ended up hitting the asphalt of the streets of NY.

Lying in the middle of the street, three men came running to see if it was okay:

-I'm fine, it's just I can't do two things at a time.
-You should watch your step in New York City, dear.

I have flaws, like everyone else. But one of the worst is that when I see someone give a blow, I can't help laughing. But when the mamporro gives it to you as a servant, the laughter is guaranteed. And while I started laughing alone, we just climbed the three remaining blocks to the subway station.

And we are thinking: Where will the bridge be milks? And we had it on top!

-Jo, aunt! You have fallen in slow motion. When I thought you were falling, you were recovering and in the end I have not had time to react when you have finally fallen - Gemma lamented.